LG Kills G Series Phones, Replaces It With Velvet

LG Kills G Series Phones, Replaces It With Velvet


No more G9

LG is rebooting its smartphone strategy to better compete in the mobile market, and part of that effort involves getting rid of two of its most iconic and longest-running Android smartphone lines.

According to the Korean firm, they’re “moving away from alphanumerical designations in favor of familiar and expressive names.” Unfortunately part of that effort involves killing off the G-series of devices, and we’re assuming that also includes the V-series as well.

Replacing that is Velvet, a new phone and phone line that features symmetrical, flowing form factor, lustrous smoothness, and premium softness according to the company.

LG killing off their one of the longest-running flagship Android lines come after 20 consecutive quarters of losses for their mobile division. A cleaner branding (no more of this ThinQ foolishness), a more focused design language and better pricing (LG says that the Velvet will be a “mass premium” device) mean that the new phone line might have a better chance at succeeding VS the offerings of companies like Samsung and Huawei.


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