LG Launches New Power Saving Inverter Air Conditioners

LG Launches New Power Saving Inverter Air Conditioners


New premium aircons save power while keeping you cool

It’s now the middle of March, and summer has officially started baking the metro under its relentless heat. While there’s a lot of us who want to turn our A/Cs to the max to counteract the punishing heat of the summer sun, a lot of us are hesitant to do so, simply because of the resulting Meralco bill. LG’s meaning to change all of that with their deluxe Inverter V A/Cs, promising to give you quick and powerful cooling while reducing energy consumption up to 69%.


So how does their A/Cs manage to do that? Simple. LG’s inverter line uses a unique skew fan and a BLDC motor technology, which continually adjusts the speed of the A/C depending on the desired temperature. Users also have the option of adjusting the energy consumption levels and total cooling capacity of the A/Cs by controlling the maximum frequency of the compressor motor. Users can also control the new A/Cs by using their smartphone by simply downloading LG’s app.

Of course, all of these features won’t come cheap. The most affordable Inverter V split type A/Cs start at Php 30,999 for the 1HP model. The premium Inverter V models (which have LG’s Plasmaster technology and 3M dust filters) start at Php 34,999 for the 1 HP model.

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