LG’s Rolly Keyboard Is A Must Have For Tablet Users

LG’s Rolly Keyboard Is A Must Have For Tablet Users


This is a pretty cool product

LG’s just solved the biggest problem with working with a tablet with their new Rolly keyboard accessory. This ingenious roll-up keyboard is small, easy to store and carry yet still delivers the same typing experience you typically get when working on your home PC. While rollable keyboards aren’t new (just step into a CD-R King and you’ll see one) LG’s offering is different because instead of flat, rubber keys, their Rolly keyboard features notebook-like keys with actual travel, that mimics real desktop keyboards – it has 17mm travel, compared to the traditional 18mm one in normal keyboards, as well as an integrated stand to put tablets up to 10-inches.

“LG Rolly Keyboard is just one of the many premium input devices we’ll be unveiling in the coming months as we expand our accessories offerings,” said Seo Young-jae, vice president in charge of Innovative Personal Devices at LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “The goal was to create a product that could add more value to LG smartphones and tablets at the same time offering a unique design proposition that hadn’t been explored before.”

The keyboard can even be paired up to two devices at the same time, so you’ll be able to type both on your tablet AND smartphone when you’re working. Unfornately there’s no pricing or ETA on this accessory, but we sure want to have one of these things so we can dump our PC and just go with a tablet when we’re out and about covering events. The Rolly Keyboard will first pop up in the US in September, followed by key markets in Europe, Latin America and Asia in the fourth quarter.

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