LTE for the iPhone 5 Now Activated

LTE for the iPhone 5 Now Activated

Photo of the iPhone 5 with the LTE toggle button (thanks to iOS 6.1)
Photo of the iPhone 5 with the LTE toggle button (thanks to iOS 6.1)

iPhone 5 LTE Now Activated in the Philippines!

Seemingly out of nowhere Apple decided to drop a bomb and push out iOS 6.1 earlier this morning. The update was very important for Filipino iPhone 5 users because it activated the LTE toggle switch. Yes folks, you read that right. Your iPhone 5 now has the capability to get on LTE. Now before you go on complaining that you don’t have it please note the following requirements: you have to download and update your iPhone 5 with iOS 6.1 (go to Settings -> General -> Software Update), have an Unlimited Data Postpaid Plan, and be in an area with LTE coverage. We’ll be going around some LTE hotspots later to do some speedtests and we’ll give you guys a progress report later tonight.

Smart Draws First Blood

Smart Communications has already issued a press release saying that postpaid users with Unlimited Data Plans should be able to enjoy LTE in their 300 LTE sites in Metro Manila for FREE and UNLIMITED until April 30, 2013. They have no details yet on what the LTE package will be after that date. We’re still waiting for Globe’s press release as of this writing.

PS: We haven’t connected yet to an LTE site to actually do a speedtest. We have an iPhone 5 on the Smart Infinity Plan with Unlimited Data so this should work. We’ll go around San Juan and Makati later to find LTE.

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