Make Your Home Safer With These 3 Cherry Home Gadgets

Make Your Home Safer With These 3 Cherry Home Gadgets

The safety of your home is something you don’t want to skimp out on. Thankfully there are gadgets that help keep your home secure without costing an arm and a leg. Cherry Home’s line of new IoT products are affordable enough for most Filipino homes, and we’ve picked three that’ll give you peace of mind when you’re not home. 

Smart Video Doorbell — Php 3,250

Considering that we have most of our essentials delivered to our homes, we should keep an eye out for strangers who may pretend to be delivery staff. The Cherry Home Smart Video Doorbell adds a layer of security that allows you to see who’s at your doorway via the Cherry Home App. This doorbell can be accessed via your smartphone so you can see and speak to the person at the other end of your door. It comes equipped with a 1080p and 140-degree widescreen camera that lets you take screenshots and record videos. The app can be set to notify you either by push notification or call whenever a person rings your door.

Buy the Smart Video Doorbell here.

Cherry Smart Entrance Lock — Php 6,950

The smart lock veers away from keys that can be duplicated. This lock lets you use five different kinds of personalized access into your home. The lock can be configured to recognize a machine key, a key card or RFID, your fingerprint, a passcode, or even remotely using only your mobile phone. The Cherry App lets you set one-time pins for the entrance lock that are valid for 5 minutes that’s ideal for letting someone in without having to physically meet them at your doorway. The smart lock is powered by four AA batteries and can last for approximately one year.

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Cherry Home Swivel Cameras — Php 1,990 to Php 2,390

Keeping an eye on your loved ones at home is easy with Cherry’s Home Swivel Camera. It’s helpful for keeping tabs on your kids or senior relatives even while you’re away. This smart camera has Full HD Resolution that you can pan and tilt to maximize the camera’s coverage. The camera comes equipped with its built-in speakers that let you broadcast a message to anyone who is at home in real-time while you’re away. It goes without saying that it can also record videos so you review what’s been happening in your home. Cherry’s Home Swivel Camera has three variants: the GX1 Smart Swivel Camera priced at Php 1,990; the GX3 Smart Swivel Camera, and the GX4 Smart Bullet Camera, both priced at only Php 2,390 each.

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