Miners in China Utilize 5G to Do Remote Work

Miners in China Utilize 5G to Do Remote Work

While we know that 5G technology has a vast set of potential ranging from low-latency networks to incredibly fast download speeds and cloud computing, we have yet seen the full potential of the said technology. A mining company in China, however, has a very good use case for 5G: letting miners control vehicles and machinery remotely at the comfort of their home.

You’d probably think that it is impossible to control heavy machinery remotely, but the mining production at Sandaozhuang Mine in Luanchuan County prove otherwise.


In a series of photos shared by CCTV, miners are seen not in heavy machinery, but inside a room that is full of controls and large panels displaying the situation outside as if they are sitting on the actual heavy vehicles. To make such feat possible, China Molybdenum has been utilizing 5G since last year and is ready to showcase a possible use case for it. China Molybdenum’s demonstration of remote mining work using 5G’s high speed and low latency infrastructure might prove to be crucial especially with the new normal, where people try to refrain from going out to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The result? heavy machinery operating anonymously on the field, all being controlled by miners stationed at a control room.

While this showcases China’s progression with technology, we still do not know what are the limitations of 5G technology at this point. Whatever the case may be right now, China Molybdenum’s demonstration shows a bright future for 5G.

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