MinuSkull Speakers

MinuSkull Speakers

Terrifyingly beautiful and powerful speakers!

MinuSkull Speakers

The MinuSkull is a prime example of how good technology can be married with beautiful art. Don’t get fooled by the cartoonish look. These speakers actually deliver quite well in terms of sound quality since they pack two speakers, a subwoofer, and an amplifier all crammed in that skull (lol). You can even get more around 5 of these and connect them via RCA so that you have a solid home theater set-up.

Okay that’s the good news. Let’s go to the bad. One MinuSkull speaker will set you back a whopping $2160 or around Php95,000. That means you’ll be paying over half a million if you want the home theater set-up and at least Php190,000 if you want two speakers for high fidelity SQ.

If you have the cash to burn check out the MinuSkull website on how to order yours today.

Via Gizmodo

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