Mohzy Loop USB Cable

Mohzy Loop USB Cable

One of the best USB cables in the market today

Mohzy Loop USB Cable

If you own an Apple iDevice (iPod, iPad, iPhone) and another mobile gadget that uses a micro-USB cable (Android, BlackBerry, Nokia) then you probably hate bringing multiple cables and chargers with you. That’s where the Mohzy Loop USB Cable comes in. This is basically a USB cable that can connect to Apple’s proprietary PIN port or the standard micro-USB used by a lot of devices. They also designed it so that it’s a little more fashionable and cool to look at than your usual dull, black, and boring cable. It’s a nice and handy device that solves a widespread problem. Not bad, Mohzy! Check out our photos of the product below.

This is the Mohzy USB Loop Cable. The two white blocks are actually magnetized. If you have a small enough wrist you can actually wear this is a bracelet, lol. I like also that it's neon green. Makes it easy to spot in one's bag.
The default set-up is micro-USB. This is what you can use for charging and data transfer for your BlackBerry, Android, and a few Nokia handsets. By the way the other end is obviously the USB section.
To convert it to an Apple iDevice cable, just connect the micro-USB to this add-on. Nifty eh?
And there you go. Data transfer and charging for your iPod, iPhone, or iPad!

The Mohzy Loop isn’t available locally yet but it will be soon via Digital Hub, Digital Walker, and Beyond the Box. SRP is at Php795. If you own both a micro-USB handset and an iDevice then this is the one and only cable you’ll ever need.

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