Moshi Moshi Curve Bluetooth Wireless Handset (w/iPhone dock)

Moshi Moshi Curve Bluetooth Wireless Handset (w/iPhone dock)

The Moshi Moshi Curve Bluetooth Wireless Handset (w/iPhone Dock) solves one of the most irritating things about the iPhone 4 – call ear fatigue. If you’re a heavy user of your iPhone 4 especially with making calls you know by know that it’s not really comfortable talking for a long time on it. For some reason the glass is a bit irritating for the ear since it’s just a flat hard surface. The Moshi Moshi Curve is a bluetooth telephone handset that pairs with your iPhone. It has a weighted dock that can also accommodate the iPhone for charging and syncing. You can even connect the base unit to a speaker system so you can listen to your music while it’s docked.

It comes in two colors: black and white. Both colors obviously match the iPhone variants.

This isn’t available yet in local retailers but you can contact the distributor via their mobile at 0915-4843268. Retail price is Php 9,500.

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