MWC 2018: Samsung’s S9 and S9 Plus Are Pushing The Boundaries Of Smartphone Pricing

MWC 2018: Samsung’s S9 and S9 Plus Are Pushing The Boundaries Of Smartphone Pricing

It’s a line that’s continuously being crossed

Today Samsung officially unveiled the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. We’re not going to go in depth to what the company’s new phones can do as we’ve already done that with our quick review. Instead we’re going to talk about the pricing of the two devices. With the Galaxy S9 priced at Php 45,990 and the base version of the Galaxy S9 Plus at Php 52,990, they’re the most expensive flagships Samsung has ever made.

In fact, the Galaxy S9 Plus is even more expensive than last year’s Note 8, which already shocked many when it passed the $1,000 price threshold. Why is Samsung pricing their phones so high?

Simply put, because they can, and because consumers are still willing to pay top dollar for their flagship models. According to Samsung, the Galaxy S8, S8 Plus and Note 8 garnered excellent sales numbers last year, even with their high pricing. It’s not surprising that Samsung is trying to see what the threshold is when it comes to pricing their phones. Until sales of their flagships slump significantly, you can expect that Samsung will up the ante on the next flagship launch, because the Note series traditionally has always held higher pricing over the Galaxy S.

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This also fits in with Samsung’s overarching strategy. We found it odd that Samsung priced their Galaxy A8 and A8+ close to what is traditionally flagship pricing, and now the final pieces are in place. The price bands make sense now with the new flagships, though consumers may not like the fact that Sammy’s new top-of-the-line devices hover in and around the $1000 or Php 50K mark. 

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