New Lenovo Legion Go Renders Reveal Switch-Like Design

New Lenovo Legion Go Renders Reveal Switch-Like Design

While it’s unfortunate that the Lenovo Legion Play didn’t come into commercial production, reports about the brand developing a new gaming handheld allegedly called the Go have sparked interest yet again. With the new renders, the Lenovo Legion Go looks very interesting, veering away from the form factor used by the likes of the Steam Deck and ROG Ally.

What makes the new Legion Go renders interesting is that it will have detachable controllers that are similar to the Nintendo Switch. This also means that the Legion Go should be usable for a multiplayer experience on the go. Aside from the RGB lighting that’s given for the gaming handheld, the right controller adds a trackpad that’s useful since the Legion Go will reportedly have Windows 11 like the ROG Ally. As for the processing package, the Legion Go will reportedly use a Ryzen 7040 “Phoenix” processor.

Since it will have detachable controllers, the Legion Go will have a kickstand at the back to prop the device up. Its port selection will include two USB-C ports, a microSD card slot, and a headphone jack, while the 8-inch display will have touchscreen functionality. The back of the device has a large heat exhaust for thermal management, while the controllers have an extensive set of buttons that are remappable depending on the game you intend to play with it.

We’re still waiting for when Lenovo will officially announce the Legion Go, but these renders make it appear to be a promising new gaming handheld.

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