No New PixelBook? Google Reportedly Cancels Plans for 2022 Launch

by Duey Guison  September 13, 2022

Part of Google’s ecosystem is the PixelBook, which is best described as a premium Chromebook and the brand’s answer to the Surface. The PixelBook initially launched in 2017, and was followed by a more affordable PixelBook Go in 2019. It has been almost 3 years, and we are expecting Google to launch a new PixelBook together with the Pixel 7 phones. It turns out that it’s not happening, as Google reportedly cancels plans for the PixelBook entirely.

The PixelBook Go.


According to The Verge, Google cancels its plans for a new PixelBook, to the point of dissolving the team involved in it. According to The Verge’s sources, this was done as part of cost-cutting measures.

This means that it is the end for Google with their own laptops for the time being. Google made its entry into the laptop segment in 2013 with the Chromebook Pixel–and later on, changed its strategy in 2017 with the PixelBook.

Back in May, Google Hardware SVP Rick Osterloh said that they were “going to do Pixelbooks in the future,” but Google CEO Sundar Pichai changed tune in August, explaining that “productivity as a whole is not where it needs to be for the headcount we have”. As a result, Google consolidated all of its investments, and the PixelBook team was among the casualties.

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