Nokia 3, 5 and 3310 Now Available at PC Express

Having a difficult time finding the new Nokia handsets?

The new Nokia 3, 5 and 3310 are now up for sale at tech retailer PC Express‘ shelves. We’ll update this post when PCX decides to stock the Nokia 6 as well.

According to PCX:
Prices are subject to change without any prior notice and are available only via online payments or other modes of payments specified at the bottom of the website. The prices may or may not be applicable for some or all physical branches of PC Express and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions and/or discount unless otherwise specified on the promo mechanics. Shipping fees not yet included. 

Nokia 3310 – Php 2,490 (PCX Link)

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Nokia 3 – Php 6,990 (PCX Link)

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Nokia 5 – Php 9,990 (PCX Link)

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Source: PC Express

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  1. I am not looking for it and there are lots and lots alternative now to Nokia, too late for you…Nokia..go back to slumber….

    1. I’ll buy it…and plenty of people will also buy it…so you should be the one who should disappear LMAO

        1. lmao nilalangaw? dami ngang nakadownload na laro FGO, Ace Attorney, Shadowverse, Goddess kiss, If my heart had wings etc etc

          Also updated Security patches nito(September) and confirm na may android oreo sya before year end…

          1. You must be dreaming..go check with IDC, to find what smartphone sold well, nokia is not there…its a forgotten sorry…peace…

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