Nothing Phone (2a) Does Use a Dimensity 7200, After All

Nothing Phone (2a) Does Use a Dimensity 7200, After All

Everyone did not bite into Nothing CEO Carl Pei’s bluff that the Phone (2a) will not be powered by a Dimensity 7200 processor. In the official reveal, the Phone (2a) will use a different Dimensity 7200–specifically a Pro version that Nothing claims it has co-developed with MediaTek. The reveal also confirms that the Phone (2a) will have 12GB RAM as well.

We don’t know if the additional Pro branding means a lot or is just pure marketing hype, but our experience with processors that have an added Ultra branding did not show any significant difference from their regular chipset siblings. 

Nothing does claim that the Dimensity 7200 Pro brings in 18% better performance over the Phone (1) that used a Snapdragon 778G+ chip. This does not surprise us since our previous tests with the standard Dimensity 7200 showed that it’s better than the Snapdragon 778G across all benchmark metrics. 


Despite our doubts about Nothing’s marketing claims for its own Dimensity 7200 Pro chip for the Phone (2a), we remain optimistic that it could be a competitive mid-range phone–especially if Nothing plays its cards right when it comes to software optimization and support, along with a justifiable price tag.

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