OPPO Is Now The Top Dog In China

OPPO Is Now The Top Dog In China

OPPO is a well known brand in this part of the globe, but it’s a relative unknown to the rest of the world. But just like many Chinese brands before it, OPPO has been making big strides in their home country, managing to grab the top of the charts in terms of smartphone sales, beating out more established players like Apple, Xiaomi and Huawei.

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OPPO managed to edge out Huawei in China by a slim margin, capturing around 16.8% of the market share compared to Huawei’s 16.4%. Sister company Vivo comes in at third place, grabbing around 14.8% of the smartphone marketshare for 2016. Apple dropped to fourth at 9.6% and Xiaomi, once the biggest name in the block in the region, slid down to fifth place at 8.9%.

Both OPPO and Vivo (owned by Guangzhou-based company BBK) also recorded phenomenal market growth last year in China. Vivo doubled their YOY growth (96.9%), while OPPO enjoyed triple digit growth (122.2%). Apple and Xiaomi meanwhile had terrible years in China, with their marketshare contracting heavily.

OPPO’s phenomenal growth is attributed to their aggressive marketing campaigns as well as their push into offline sales channels something that 2015’s top dog, Xiaomi, ignored with very obvious results. Vivo is doing the same thing as well, and both companies are relying on the same tactics to push their brands to the top of the sales heap here in the Philippines. You only need to step into an SM Cyberzone to see the result of their efforts.

While OPPO’s victory is just on their home turf, it won’t be long until the company starts heavily expanding into western countries like the US and Europe. OPPO is expected to launch their latest flagship in Mobile World Congress in a few months which may turn out to be the catalyst to the brand’s expansion.


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