Otterbox Defender Colors for the New iPad

Otterbox Defender Colors for the New iPad

Otterbox Defender Colors for the New iPad

Otterbox Defender Colors Review

If you’re either a clumsy person, live an active lifestyle, work in hazardous environments, or you lend your iPad to your kids, then you seriously have to consider getting the Otterbox Defender Series for your iPad. The Otterbox Defender is all about rugged protection and it will keep your tablet safe from drops, bumps, and to some extent even water splashes. Yes, it will add a lot of bulk and weight to your iPad but it does so in a rather cool way making it look like some sort of mini-bat mobile or tank, hehe.

Otterbox actually released the Defender series already a few months ago but the new line-up now comes in different colors. The one we have with us is predominantly gray with white accents. Check out our photos below. Don’t forget to read the captions!

Four Layers of Protection

iPad with the quadruple layer of protection provided by the Otterbox Defender

The Otterbox Defender gives you four layers of protection. First is the hard polycarbonate shell the covers the entire iPad (with cutouts for ports). Next is the tough and rubbery silicone skin that you wrap around the device. Third you have a built-in screen protector that protects the screen from splashes. Lastly you have the polycarbonate cover that also acts as a kickstand.

What the front looks like
Here’s the back. Notice the rubbery texture of the sides. This is for better grip.
Cut-out for the speaker and the camera. Latches for the charging port and the headphone jack.

Smart Polycarbonate Cover with built-in Kickstand

What the back of the cover looks like (this is the one facing the screen when you have it on). Notice the magnets at the sides, the rubber stoppers, and the kickstand at the middle. Talk about packed with features!

The cover of the Otterbox Defender is pretty slick. Not only does it provide superb protection it also has built-in magnets for the smart wake/sleep feature of the new iPad. It also has a kickstand that will let you enjoy your iPad in different ways. When not in use you can just attach it either to the front or the back of your iPad.

You can use the kickstand for portrat, landscape, and even for typing.

Pricing and Availability

Like what we said above, the Otterbox Defender provides massive protection with style but it does add heft and bulk to your iPad. If you prefer to keep your gadgets safe all the time then this one is for you.

The Otterbox Defender Color Series sells for Php4,900. You can buy them from the various Otterbox kiosks in malls and Apple reseller stores. You can also order online via the Tenkibox website.

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