Otterbox Goes Beyond Tough Smartphone Cases

Otterbox Goes Beyond Tough Smartphone Cases


Otterbox — a brand known for their tough, rugged, and rather bulky smartphone cases — will be adding to their products by introducing their line of USB chargers, laptop sleeves, and earphones custom-fit by Decibullz. Otterbox CEO, Jim Parke, assures customers that these new products will stand up to the abuse of everyday use; much like their smartphone cases. Without further ado, let’s take a look at their new products, starting off with the earphones.


The Otterbox Bluetooth Earphones Custom Molded by DECIBULLZ will cost $99.95, or roughly Php 4984. They’ll also be selling a wired version of these earphones for roughly half the price ($49.95 or Php 2490) if you prefer being tethered to your device or don’t want the extra hassle of having to charge yet another device. The battery on the Bluetooth model is said to last up to 3.5 hours of playback, 4 hours of talktime, or 150 hours of standby time. If you happen to have a favorite pair of wired headphones, Otterbox also has a Bluetooth Wireless Adapater that you can plug your cans into via its 3.5mm jack.


Priced at $24.95 or Php 1244, you can also  purchase a USB Car Charger with two (2) 2.4 AMP ports and a USB Wall Charger with a single 2.4 AMP USB port. As to why they didn’t include two ports on the USB Wall Charger when they could do it on the car charger, your guess is as good as ours. You can also purchase Micro USB Cables, priced at $29.95 or Php 1493, to go along with your chargers. They’re 3 meters long and wrapped in braided nylon to make them tangle-resistant.


Lastly, they have a Laptop Utility Series Sleeve priced at $24.95 (Php 1,244) for the 13-inch sleeve and $29.95 (Php 1,493) for the 14-inch sleeve. Unlike their rugged smartphone cases though, these laptop sleeves are a bit run-of-the-mill and are made of polyester and lined with microfiber fabric. They’re splash-proof, so there is that.

You can check out all their new products by visit the Otterbox website. We’ll keep an eye out for their availability in the country.

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