Otterbox Symmetry Leather Case for the iPhone 6S/6S Plus

Otterbox Symmetry Leather Case for the iPhone 6S/6S Plus

Otterbox Leather

Perfect Fusion of Style and Protection

Otterbox has been in the market for several years now and they’ve pretty much established themselves as the premiere brand offering rugged protective cases for smartphones and tablets. While their cases offer maximum protection, they usually add bulk, weight, and their designs weren’t really that eye-catching. However their newest offering, the Otterbox Symmetry Leather series, changes all of that. We bought one for our new iPhone 6S and so far we’re very happy and satisfied with this case. It delivers the style aesthetic that we love (leather rawr) and it also keeps the phone secure from drops and bumps.

So how is the case different? It has a premium leather finish at the back that comes in different color options. It looks and feels amazing especially with the metallic Otterbox logo at the bottom. Just like with previous Symmetry cases, this has dual-material construction combining a hard shell and a rubber core for maximum protection. There’s also no hassle in slipping the phone in to the case (which was our issue with the Defender series). You just snap it on like a normal back case!

Otterbox Leather New Color

Awesome right?!

Otterbox also made the deal sweeter because this has a free Otterbox Tempered Glass screen protector that goes with the case. The iPhone 6S variant retails for Php3,250 while the iPhone 6S Plus variant is a little more expensive at Php3,850.

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