realme Thinks a Periscope Camera is Better than a 200MP Sensor

realme Thinks a Periscope Camera is Better than a 200MP Sensor

While we are waiting for details on the realme 12 Pro series, the brand recently showcased its periscope camera in Las Vegas. In its presentation, realme emphasized that having an actual periscope camera is still better than utilizing the digital zoom features of high-resolution sensors–with some being as high as 200-megapixels.


-Is this the realme 12 Pro Series?

Aside from their previous argument that periscope cameras are a key flagship feature, realme argued that these cameras can shoot better image quality with its 3x optical zoom compared to a 3x in-sensor zoom on a 200-megapixel sensor.

To strengthen this point, realme showcased two examples: the first one involves portrait photography, where the periscope camera clearly delivered better depth of field and a more natural-looking portrait compared to the 200-megapixel sensor’s in-sensor zoom. With the latter, the photo looks and feels artificial with the oversharpening that’s evident on the subject’s face.

The second example involves taking photos of buildings from afar on broad daylight. While the 200-megapixel sensor’s 3x in-sensor zoom produced a decent shot, the periscope cameras 3x optical zoom is still superior, with the photographed building having more details in the shot. Comparing both photos side-by-side, the periscope camera has better contrast and colors than a 200-megapixel sensor at 3x zoom.

With realme’s emphasis on periscope cameras, they made it clear that the realme 12 Pro series will make it a key feature. This makes the realme 12 Pro series exciting as it will be the first time in realme’s numbered series that there are no filler cameras to deal with. 

There’s no specific date as to when realme will officially unveil the 12 Pro series, but only hinted that the launch will happen within January 2024.

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