5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep On The Redmi Pad SE

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep On The Redmi Pad SE

Aside from making value-for-money phones, Xiaomi’s Redmi line also has solid budget tablet offerings. The Redmi Pad SE is one of its current budget offerings–and is the most affordable with an under Php 10k starting price.


Still not convinced? We enumerate five solid reasons on why the Redmi Pad SE is one of the most solid budget tablets in the Philippines–especially if you have a Php 10k budget:

Sleek Unibody Build. Despite its affordable price tag, the Redmi Pad SE does not scrimp on its build, where you get a solid aluminum unibody frame that reminds us of Apple’s iPads. On top of its premium build, you have two colorful options aside from the usual Graphite Grey: to match your personality, you can also choose Mint Green or Lavender Purple–both being nice pastel colors that make the Redmi Pad SE stand out from other budget tablets in the market.

Bright IPS Display. Budget tablets tend to compromise with the panel they use, and the Xiaomi still gives you a great display for a budget tablet. Aside from the aesthetically-pleasing symmetrical bezels, the Redmi Pad SE’s display comes with a 90hz refresh rate for a more fluid interaction navigating through apps. If that’s not enough, the Redmi Pad SE’s IPS panel is a good one, as its maximum brightness is good enough to use the tablet outdoors.


Great Speaker System. Aside from the otherwise great display, Xiaomi also complemented it with a quality quad-speaker system. We love the audio quality on the Redmi Pad SE, as they are one of the better-sounding speaker systems we encountered on a budget tablet. Want to use wired headphones? That’s not a problem, as you still get a headphone jack with its 7.4mm slim body.


Best-in-class Battery Life. Battery life is important with any gadgets, and our test with the Redmi Pad SE blew us away. We got a total of 22 hours and 46 minutes of battery life in PCMark, which easily translate to close to 2 days worth of battery life before needing to charge it. That’s arguably the best battery endurance we’ve seen on any device to date!


Better MIUI implementation (in tablets).

While we have mixed thoughts about MIUI in general, we’re happy with how Xiaomi implements it in their tablets. Aside from having less bloatware, we like how the tablet version of MIUI makes good use of the Redmi Pad SE’s screen estate, maximizing the dock area and adding additional features that help with productivity work.

The Redmi Pad SE is priced at Php 9,999 for the 4GB/128GB model and Php 12,999 for the 8GB/256GB variant. Both variants are available in Authorized Xiaomi stores nationwide and online through eCommerce platforms like Lazada.

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