Samsung Galaxy Note Overview (Updated)

Samsung Galaxy Note Overview (Updated)

Samsung Galaxy Note Overview

Look up in the sky, its a tablet, its a phone… Its actually both. Its the Samsung Galaxy Note, the newest and biggest addition to the Galaxy lineup of Samsung. It houses a 5.3 inch screen, a dual core processor, up to 80 GB of storage (internal and external microSD card), 8mp camera and a note taking stylus that gives its name. Lets go into detail on what are the key selling points of this device.

– A large bright 5.3″ 1280×800 HD Super AMOLED display
– The S Pen – a Wacom stylus that is stored within the phone.
– Removable 2500 Mah Battery
– GPS that uses US satellites, GLONASS satelites, and a barometer for increased speed.
– 1.4 Ghz Dual Core processor Exynos chipset
– 8 MP camera that can shoot 1080p video
– Pocketable size – 146.85 x 82.95 x 9.65mm, and a weight of 178 grams

The screen is a 5.3″ 1280×800 HD Super AMOLED display. Awesome screen colors and great resolution(even better than the iPad 2). Definitely worth calling it an HD display. Don’t get me wrong. It is big but the size will definitely grow on you. Just what they said with a the 4.3 inch phones a year ago, its too big. Now, 4.3 inch is just right. I believe that we will say the same to the current 5 inch big boys in the future years. Specially when Ice Cream Sandwich is knocking around the corner, removing the traditional navigation keys. However, I had trouble using the volume up and down key since its adjacent to the power button. Even if the Note doesn’t have HDMI ports, it has MHL technology, using an MHL adapter connected to the MHL Microusb port and outputs via HDMI. This makes the Note a great notebook replacement when paired with a bluetooth keyboard.

The Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen is a stylus from Wacom which is better known for their graphics, digitizers and digital tablets. Samsung wants to give it a very distinct name to set it aside from other similar pens out there. It is securely placed into a hole to the lower right side of the device and ‘clicks’ in a bit. It’s not going to fall out. It basically works with everything but is not capacitive and wont work with the menu and back button on the device. It uses electromagnetic resonance technology which means the stylus doesn’t need to actually come in contact with the screen. You can place a piece of paper and trace some artwork and it will work fine. This technology also gives the S Pen a plastic point for accuracy and is powered by induction so no batteries needed. You can also customize the S Pen settings to accommodate left hand users.

The Note has a great removable battery for swapping if you purchased an extra battery. It lasted 17hours 48m down to 11% with usage of on and off 3g wifi and video editing and viewing, not to mention a few sketches here and there. I doubt that you’ll be out that long though before you find a wall socket for your charger.

The Note’s GPS is fast in locking your location, because it uses US satellites, GLONASS satelites, and a barometer for increased speed. Really great for driving and location based apps. GLONASS are Russian satellites that help lock your location together with US satellites. The higher number of satellites leads to higher accuracy and much faster lock times.

The 8MP camera is using Samsung Touchwiz UI that offers a lot of settings and functionalities. The camera quality is average at best but is pretty great if you’re using good lightning conditions. The video recording can shoot 1080p video that could probably replace your point and shoot camera.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Note is definitely a great smartphone/tablet hybrid. With monstrous hardware and great software integration, the Note is definitely one of the best smartphones out there. Are you fond of playing games, reading books or viewing media like movies and pictures in a bright, HD Super AMOLED display or an aspiring artist who likes to draw a lot? Then this is the phone for you. Its an ideal note taking device with great GPS functionalities with great specs and awesome battery life.

Below you’ll find our overview video. Hope you guys enjoy watching it!

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