Tablet Market in the Philippines Declines Further in Q1 2023

Tablet Market in the Philippines Declines Further in Q1 2023

It seems less people are buying tablets lately, as IDC reports that the tablet market in the Philippines continues to decline further in Q1 2023. In its report, IDC explains that the dip in Q1 2023 is significant when compared to 2022. To be specific the decline in the tablet market for Q1 2023 is 26.6% year over year (YoY) and 46.7% quarter over quarter (QoQ).

“It has been two years since quarterly tablet shipments have dropped below two hundred thousand units, a pattern concurrent to the Philippines smartphone market which hit a 3-year low in the same quarter,” IDC Philippines Senior Market Angela Medez said.

Looking through the trend from 2020 onwards, the tablet market in the Philippines is expected to decline further, just like what is seen with the smartphone market for Q1 2023.

With this downward trend, IDC expects annual tablet shipments to return back to pre-pandemic levels starting this year, as procurement from DepEd Divisions and Local Government Units (LGU) have slowed down significantly.

Looking through the market share for tablets in the Philippines, Samsung remains in the lead with 19.6%, while Lenovo is at a close second at 18.1%. Local brand Cherry Mobile still has a stake when it comes to tablets, ranking 4th place with an 11.6% market share, while Huawei and realme are at 3rd and 5th place respectively.

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