TECNO, Samsung, DXOMark Discuss 2022 Mobile Camera Trends

TECNO, Samsung, DXOMark Discuss 2022 Mobile Camera Trends

Mobile cameras are now better than ever. With newer sensors and better post-processing algorithms, mobile cameras are inching closer towards matching the image quality on DSLR cameras. 2022 is a promising year for mobile phones, and TECNO, Samsung, and DXOMark gathered together for a discussion about the upcoming camera trends.

Organized by Counterpoint Research, speakers from TECNO, Samsung, and DXOMark shared their insights on mobile camera innovation, market trends, and the latest developments in imaging technology in 2022.

DXOMark Product Owner and Image Science Director Hervé Macudzinski explained that smartphones nowadays have the technology to bring most of the features normally found in DSLR cameras. He noticed that low-light imaging is a priority among smartphones in the $400-$600 price segment.

Samsung Electronics VP and Head of R&D Pan Xuebao agrees with Macudzinski’s observations, adding that Samsung’s Tetra and Nona technology aim to bring great performance across both bright and low light conditions by providing a bigger canvas to capture more light, while allowing smaller pixels for higher definition. Aside from bigger pixels, Xuebao also said that speed is also important, which is why they introduce better autofocusing tech on their ISOCELL sensors.

TECNO Image Technology Senior Product Manager Jimmy Hsu explained that more imaging features have driven demand for sensors like ToF (time of flight) and DVS (dynamic vision sensor) to help smartphones match the performance of conventional digital cameras.

TECNO, for their part, have been working on improving the cameras in its smartphones by incorporating technologies that focus on light sensitivity, image and video stabilization, zoom, and high-resolution images. Among the features that help improve on these features include RGBW and G+P, Sensor-Shift and telescopic lenses.

“TECNO always aims to provide an excellent photo and video experience through constant innovation and a deep understanding of consumer needs,” Hsu adds.

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