The Alleged Price of the LG V30 Makes it Really, Really Tempting

Everyone has to take Note of this

Everyone got excited after LG made a surprise move with the V30. With all the good things we could say about the V30, the guys from South Korea made another surprise when it comes to its pricing.

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The rumor mill started when LG posted a retweet contest for US residents, where they will be giving away their V30s to three lucky Twitter users

A quick peek at the terms and conditions of the contest revealed that the alleged retail value (ARV) of the V30 is $749.99 (~Php38.4k):

Screenshot for evidence, of course.

ARVs give more or less the possible pricing of a unit, and if the V30 is valued at around $750, that makes the V30 priced $180 cheaper than its closest rival: Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8, which is priced at $930. Considering they come head-to-head specs-wise, the pricing should entice people to go for the V30 over the Note 8.

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Do you think LG is making a wise move with the V30’s price? Let us know in the comments section!

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  1. Maybe. But 95% of those eyeing these high-end phones are not price conscious. In fact, it becomes a status symbol. So for them, 20k doesn’t mean much. It is a big deal for the rest of us. But not them, way else would the rumored iPhone 8 be $1000, and still highly anticipated…

  2. how about the TAX of this? it is already the Retail price value or it is just a international value but without tax added yet.

  3. they will never release this locally with a price tag lower than 45k. a great phone nonetheless but will wait for battery life and performance reviews before i rip my kidney for this

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