The P60 Pro is the Best Smartphone Camera for 2023

The P60 Pro is the Best Smartphone Camera for 2023

When we tried out the P60 Pro last month, we were very impressed at the innovations Huawei has incorporated into its cameras. Aside from using an RYYB sensor for the main camera, the P60 Pro inherits the Mate 50 Pro‘s unique variable aperture system to have finer control with the depth of field and the amount of light that enters the sensor. We were speculating that the P60 Pro will be the best smartphone camera for 2023–and DxOMark has made that official.

With an overall score of 156, the P60 Pro overtakes the Find X6 Pro by 3 points to become the best smartphone camera for 2023–at least for now. The P60 Pro’s high score is credited to Huawei’s innovation in both hardware and software–the latter being its advancements with its XMAGE image processing.

On the hardware side of things, the P60 Pro improves on the Mate 50 Pro by incorporating the latter’s variable aperture system on a larger 1/1.4-inch IMX888 sensorHaving a variable aperture helps significantly with exposure and focusing–especially with how it dynamically adjusts based on shooting conditions–being wide open in low-light, and stopping down to f/4.0 when shooting group portraits.

The P60 Pro’s other ace is with its telephoto camera–while it does not have the biggest sensor, having a f/2.1 aperture makes it more capable than the telephoto cameras of its competitors. Aside from the hardware, the P60 Pro’s post-processing algorithm helps maximize the capabilities of its telephoto camera.

The P60 Pro’s camera prowess is not just limited to photos: Huawei has also improved its HDR video algorithm to closely match the performance offered by the Find X6 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro. Overall, footage taken with the P60 Pro has good exposure and a wide dynamic range across all lighting conditions.

Outside of videos, the P60 Pro is also an ace in shooting close-ups, as the macro mode is available in both the ultra-wide and telephoto cameras, giving users that added flexibility. The P60 Pro is also the best in class with shooting portraits–again thanks to both the hardware and software it has out of the box.

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