OPPO Find X6 Pro Crowned as New Camera King

OPPO Find X6 Pro Crowned as New Camera King

While we were anticipating that the P60 Pro might be the one that will dethrone the Magic5 Pro in the DxOMark camera rankings, it’s surprising to know that the new number 1 is not from Huawei, but from OPPO with the Find X6 Pro. This is not the first time an OPPO device made it to number 1 in DxOMark: for a brief time in 2020, the Find X2 Pro was the number 1 in DxOMark–until it was overtaken by the HONOR 30 Pro+ and Huawei P40 Pro a month later.

In DxOMark’s review of the Find X6 Pro, OPPO’s latest flagship got an overall score of 153, beating the Magic5 Pro by one point.

Breaking down the scores, all of its three 50-megapixel sensors (IMX 989 for the main camera, IMX 890 for the ultra-wide and telephoto cameras) performed exceptionally well. There’s an emphasis on its zoom performance, as the Find X6 Pro delivered exceptional performance for its 15mm equivalent ultra-wide camera and its 65mm equivalent telephoto camera. The Find X6 Pro does not brag about insane zoom ranges; instead, it relies on the large sensor for gathering as much light as possible for well-detailed telephoto images.

Compared to other phones that use a 1-inch sensor like the Xiaomi 13 Pro and vivo X90 Pro+, the Find X6 Pro’s number 1 ranking in DxOMark proves that software–and OPPO’s dedicated Marisilicon X chip–also play a crucial role in maximizing the potential of a large camera sensor.

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