The Turing Phone Cadenza: Dual Snapdragon 830s, 12GB RAM, Quad SIM, Deep Learning AI, Crazier Specs

The Turing Phone Cadenza: Dual Snapdragon 830s, 12GB RAM, Quad SIM, Deep Learning AI, Crazier Specs

Unbox 116 - Turing Crazy Feat

April Fools’ Day has long passed, but it seems that for Turing Robotic Industries, every email newsletter on their upcoming Turing Phone Cadenza is a veritable April 1st. Android Police reports that the CEO of Turing Robotic Industries, Steve Chao, announced the Turing Phone Cadenza as part of “The Outer Blueprint”, a “program to integrate artificial intelligence into smartphones.” Wowza.

While the notion of self-learning AI in smartphones is not new and is most likely to be an eventuality in the years to come, the Turing Phone Cadenza claims to launch next year with “Deep Learning AI” technology. What exactly that is, is anyone’s guess. But that’s not all folks. Touted by Turing as a “perfectly designed device”, the Phone Cadenza has plenty more out-of-this-world specs and features. Have a look see.

Unbox 116 - Turing Crazy 1

Turing Phone Cadenza

  • Dual Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 (2 x octa-core) processor
  • 12GB RAM (LPDDR4X, 2 x 6GB)
  • 5.8-inch QHD display, 2560 x 1440 resolution
  • 1TB maximum storage (2 x 256GB internal, 2 x microSD of 256GB max each)
  • 60-megapixel quad rear camera, Triplet Lens / T1.2, iMAX 6K video capture format
  • 20-megapixel dual front camera
  • Quad Nano-SIM
  • 4G VoLTE
  • WiGig, aptX, Marshall, VoiceON
  • Graphene Oxide composite frame
  • 100wh battery (triple 2400mAh graphene supercapacitor battery + 1600mAh Li-Ion hydrogen fuel cell)
  • Swordfish OS (Deep Learning AI)

In case you can’t read the full spec sheet pic above, check it out here.

Unbox 116 - Turing Crazy 2
Even Android Police has doubts on the authenticity of Turing’s newsletter: “We’ll admit it—we thought this was a prank or parody when we first received this as part of Turing’s mailing list since none of their social media pages discuss anything like this, but everything points to this being legitimately from Turing. If this was faked, then it was very well-executed.”

The Turing Phone Cadenza is “expected to release in 2017.” So, yeah. MIND = BLOWN.

Source: Android Police

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