These New Cherry Home Products will Improve Your Home Living

These New Cherry Home Products will Improve Your Home Living

As it has been offering various products to make home living better, Cherry Home adds three new devices to its line of offerings with the E-Pump, Antibacterial UV Spray Gun, and Movasweep Robotic Vacuum cleaner.

The E-Pump is an electronically-powered water pump that offers users convenience at home in case they need a glass of water. Installing it is easy, as the device fits any standard gallon head without the need for you to literally lift that large water container. It operates with just one button, which shuts down automatically after a minute.

Powering it is an internal 1200mAh battery, and the E-Pump is compact enough that you can bring it along with you.

Living under the new normal also means the need to make sure everything is sterilized and disinfected. That’s where the Antibacterial UV Spray Gun comes in handy: this portable device has a 3w UV light for sterilizing objects, along with a sprayer that makes it also useful for watering the plants or as a humidifier and aroma diffuser. Powering it is a 2000mAh internal battery.

Having a clean, dust-free home is a definite must, and Cherry Home has its own smart vacuum cleaner with the Movasweep Robotic Vacuum cleaner. The smart vacuum cleaner features a 2600Pa suction power, intelligent mapping technology, four cleaning modes (cyclone, zigzag, box, and wave), and safety features like anti-falling, anti-collision, and anti-tangling.

Being a smart device, controlling the Movasweep Robotic Vacuum cleaner is done via the Cherry Home app.

Cherry Home New Products Price

Both the E-Pump and Antibacterial UV Spray Gun have an official price of Php 799, while the Movasweep Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is priced at Php 13,900. All three products are available at Cherry’s online store.


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