Unboxing the Aiaiai Tracks Portable Headphones

Unboxing the Aiaiai Tracks Portable Headphones

aiaiai tracks headphones philippines
aiaiai tracks headphones philippines
The Aiaiai Tracks Headphones is now in the Philippines!

Unboxed: Aiaiai Tracks Portable Headphones

The Aiaiai (pronounced as “eye eye eye”) Tracks is one of the best portable headphones in the market. Known for it’s excellent design (it won Danish Design Prize for 2010-2011) and stellar sound quality, the Aiaiai Tracks has already racked up a lot of rave reviews online. The awesome news is that Aiaiai headphones will finally be available here in the Philippines since they now have a local distributor! They sent us a review unit of the Aiaiai Tracks and we’d like to kick things off with this unboxing post. 😀

Packaging and Hardware

Aiaiai Tracks Philippines
Aiaiai Tracks Headphones box

Aiaiai definitely knows how to package and present their products! The Aiaiai Tracks comes in a solid carton box coated with plastic for additional durability and shine. Product information is at the back and there’s even a QR code at the side (haven’t tried it out yet though). You can actually open the front the box (magnetized) to reveal the headphones covered by a transparent plastic screen while resting on gray foam.

Don’t freak out when you first see that the ear cups are detached from the headband. That’s actually how it was designed hehe. You just take out the ear cups, insert them from the top of the headband, and adjust to the size that fits your head. The new Aiaiai Tracks headphones model also has an in-line remote control with microphone making it the perfect companion for your smartphone.

You can change the color of the outer face of the ear cups. The box we got had extra red and green clips.
Comes with a black carrying pouch too 🙂
In-line remote control and microphone

Full Review Coming Soon!

Check back here at Unbox for our full review of the Aiaiai Tracks. So far though I can honestly say that this is definitely an impressive product. It’s at the cross section of brilliant, functional design and outstanding sound quality making it a very well-rounded pair of cans.

The Aiaiai Tracks, as well as other Aiaiai products, will be available soon in branches of Digital Hub, Digital Walker, and Beyond the Box.

Two thumbs up! Aiaiai!

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