Unboxing the AKG K402 Headphones

Unboxing the AKG K402 Headphones

AKG K402 Headphones unboxed!

Unboxing the AKG K402 Headphones

We currently have a review unit of the AKG K402 portable headphones which we featured just a couple of days ago. We’re pretty excited to review this since we’ve had the opportunity to test several portable headphones already in the same price range. Maybe we can make comparisons in the next few weeks! Anyway, check out the photos of the unboxing below. Be sure to read the captions!

The warranty card is taped at the back. When you get this it's actually wrapped in plastic (so that's an additional layer)
Transparent hard plastic packaging. Really hard to open. Seriously.
How hard to open? We had to use a steak knife to cut off the top part. It was frustrating. Lol.
Yay! Finally got it out of the box. Nothing else inside except for the cans. Nice, straightforward, and flashy build/design! You can fold it up easily so you can bring it around with you anywhere.
Push down at the top to fully open up and stretch the cans. It's a bit clampy so make sure to stretch it out for a bit before using.
Soft black foam makes it very comfortable to wear.

Watch out for the full review coming early next week! We’ll also be giving this demo unit out in a raffle so watch out for that too.

The AKG K402 Headphones retails for Php1,599.

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