Unboxing the Divoom BlueTune-2 Bluetooth Speaker

Unboxing the Divoom BlueTune-2 Bluetooth Speaker

Divoom BlueTune-2 Bluetooth Speaker
Divoom BlueTune-2 Bluetooth Speaker
Divoom BlueTune-2 Bluetooth Speaker

Unboxed: The Divoom BlueTune-2 Bluetooth Speaker

Divoom has grown into a pretty strong audio brand here in the Philippines because of their wide range of products that are available in a lot of gadget stores. They have a variety of sizes and themes when it comes to their speakers targeting different market segments. However a particular product category they haven’t released yet are Bluetooth compatible speakers. That all changes though with the entry of the Divoom BlueTune-2 Bluetooth Speaker! Oh and guess what? We happen to have a review unit! Read on for our unboxing.

Big nice box. Shows product information as well as the various colored speakers.

Unlike most of the Divoom speakers we’ve featured in the past, the Bluetune-2 is quite big and hefty. This isn’t meant to be brought around and it’s really more for stationary use (office, living room, bedroom). As expected it comes in a rather big box which has all the product information printed all over it.


The form factor of the Divoom Bluetune-2 is pretty much consistent with all of the speakers made by Divoom — funky, haha! Just like it’s other products the Bluetune-2 also comes in a variety of colors. The unit we received was a neon green/yellowish model. Definitely made it easier to take photos, hehe.

Divoom brand at the top together with the Bluetooth Pairing Button
At the back you'll find the ports for charging as well as a standard 3.5 audio in jack if ever you don't want to connect to it via Bluetooth.
Works flawlessly with my Samsung Galaxy Note

Initial impressions: Sound Quality

I was pretty impressed with the sound quality of the Bluetune-2. The songs don’t break up when you increase the volume (which is what usually happens with a lot of speakers). The max volume is also pretty loud. We cranked it up and it was able to reach all the rooms of our 90 square meter condominium.

Awesome product again from Divoom.

To inquire and to place reservations please visit their Multiply Page. I’ll confirm the actual SRP but if memory serves me right this is under Php5,000.

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