Viral Fridays: Next-Gen Hair Care Gadgets at the CES 2017

Viral Fridays: Next-Gen Hair Care Gadgets at the CES 2017

Welcome to another edition of Unbox’s “Viral Fridays” where we feature weirder than usual tech and geek related news to cap out the week. Sit back and enjoy the show!

Today, we’ll take a look-see at the wacky tech world of CES 2017, specifically the oddball hair care gadgets that have popped out of the expo. The future of hair care technology is indeed brimming with promise and potential! Or not. You be the judge.

iGrow Hair Growth System

From the brilliant minds of Apira Science comes the iGrow Hair Growth System, a dinky-looking helmet that literally blasts your scalp with lazorz to stimulate hair growth.

According to Apira, the lasers – a combination of red lasers and LEDs – “energize cellular activity within the follicle” and “promote the proliferation of thick, full, and healthier-looking hair.”

The iGrow helmet also comes with high-quality headphones so you can listen to your favorite beats while the device fries your head for hair-growing perfection. Mmmm!

The whole shebang will cost interested, hair-thinning individuals around $700 (~Php 35K) for a complete set.

HairMax LaserBand 41

This futuristic-looking hair band promises the same thing as the iGrow, and does it with their patented 41-laser system that fully blazes the heck outta your non-performing hair follicles through “photobiostimulation.”

According to HairMax, the laser band enables the user to grow an average of 129 new hairs per square inch. Its efficiency has also been clinically proven to take over just half a year when used thrice a week. You’ll have to pay $500 (~Php 25K) to get a hold of this device, though.

Kerastase Hair Coach

Developed with the blessing of cosmetics megacorporation L’Oreal, the Hair Coach is basically a smart hairbrush that’s powered with Nokia-owned Withings technology.

It has all the hallmarks of a “smart device” nowadays like multiple sensors, an accelerometer, a gyroscope and even a microphone. All of this technology is meant to aid the user in perfecting their combing technique, as well as to give coaching advice. Yes, advice for brushing your hair and hair care habits.

Conductivity sensors in the brush can sense whether your hair is wet or dry. The built-in accelerometer and gyroscope provide information on the brush’s orientation and movement. The microphone is the best part, as it can actually listen in to the sound of your hair-brushing patterns, and can even detect split ends. Wow, the wonders of modern hair technology!

The Kerastase Hair Coach is slated for a late 2017 launch with a less than $200 (~Php 10K) price tag. The smart hairbrush will also come with a companion phone app that will track all the hair-related metrics and info you’ll ever need and want in this lifetime.

Source: Mirror UK, TechRadar

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