Viral Fridays: This Gelatinous Device Could Be The Smartphone Of The Future

Viral Fridays: This Gelatinous Device Could Be The Smartphone Of The Future

Welcome to another edition of Unbox’s “Viral Fridays” where we feature weirder than usual tech and geek related news to cap out the week. Sit back and enjoy the show!

French designer Jerome Olivet has a vision for the future of smartphones, and it comes in the form of a translucent, gelatinous… thingamajig.

Dubbed the “Alo”, the concept smartphone is designed with ergonomics and practicality in mind, for a near-future where everything is activated with voice commands… and maybe clunky hand gestures.

Eschewing the usual display touch-screens found in modern smartphones, the Alo will instead rely on holographic technology, projecting messages and media for the user on voice prompt.

“Alo provides a fully vocalized interface in all phone functions, reads SMS and emails, and even allows them to dictate their messages rather than typing them,” said Olivet, who currently works in product design for emerging technologies.

“The phone’s camera acts as an ‘eye’. Among other things, it allows the reader to read the texts he detects or to identify the faces. It also allows you to project a 3D hologram to view a movie or message,” he added.

According to tech blog Dezeen, the Alo is made of a molded aluminum alloy core. The casing also functions as a haptic interface capable of providing feedback through heat and vibration. Olivet notes that the device’s skin has the ability to repair itself automatically when damaged.

At this stage, the Alo smartphone is only a concept design. Olivet, in conjunction with French electronics firm Thomson, plans to develop the technology into a working prototype soon.

Source: Dezeen

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