WATCH: Cherry Mobile Flare S6 Premium Limited Edition Unboxing

by Carlo Ople  December 23, 2017

cherry mobile flare s6 premium limited edition unboxing

#39 Out of 500

A few weeks ago Cherry Mobile released the a special limited run of the Flare S6 Premium. A handful of units for the media, distributors, and their partners had their names etched at the back of the phone, making it some sort of a collector’s item. In a market where it’s difficult to differentiate, Cherry Mobile might be on to something with what they’re doing. Unlike international brands, they have the flexibility and speed to launch collab devices, limited edition smartphones (numbered like this one), and other tactical products that can set them apart. We talked about this in our unboxing video which you can watch below.

Give it a watch and let us know what you guys think in the comments section below!

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