Xiaomi’s New Tech Lets You Charge on the Fly

Absolutely no wires necessary

With brands exploring the various possibilities of wireless charging, Xiaomi is taking things further with Mi Air Charge. This new technology lets you top up multiple devices–from smartphones, TWS earbuds, to various aIoT devices remotely. Yes, you heard that right: Xiaomi wants you to still top-up your devices without any wires or charging stands.

The idea by itself is crazy: prior to Xiaomi’s announcement, OPPO announced a similar concept last year as an April Fool’s joke with FreeVOOC. A few weeks later, OPPO explained that FreeVOOC is possible with providing a stable charging power of 5 to 10w within a 10-meter radius.


Xiaomi founder Lei Jun explained further their tech behind Mi Air Charge, which consists of 5 phase interference antennas for accurately determining the position of the mobile phone within a certain radius, along with a phase control array that has 144 antennas for charging the phone over the air by beamforming. The result? 5w remote wireless charging within a few meters.

Jun is even confident about the tech, saying that Xiaomi holds 17 technical patents for the remote wireless charging system. Beyond phones, Xiaomi expects Mi Air Charge to be compatible with other devices like smart watches, bracelets, and other wearables.

There’s no word yet as to when Xiaomi will make the tech available to commercial products.

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