Xiaomi Officially Unveils Mi Note 2

Xiaomi Officially Unveils Mi Note 2


With Samsung out of the premium, big-screen phone game temporarily with their Note 7, its rivals are poised to gobble up the customers that are now searching for their next big-screen phone. Xiaomi is one of those rivals, and the company has officially announced their own high-end, big screen device today, the Mi Note 2.

The Mi Note 2 has been subject to plenty of rumors before, but here’s the official specs: it’s powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, has up to 6GB of RAM and a curved, flexible OLED display that has a display resolution of QHD, or 1440 x 2560.


The rear camera of the Mi Note 2 is quite formidable as well: it’s a Sony IMX318 sensor that has a 22.56-megapixel sensor, along with 4K recording capabilities and electronic image stabilization support. There’s a front facing 8-megapixel camera for selfies.


Other features include HD audio quality, 192kHz/24-bit resolution with lossless support, NFC, 37 band LTE support and 128GB of storage. A 4070mAh battery keeps everything turned on, and Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 fills the phone up with juice if you manage to completely drain it.


Like always, there will be several versions of the phone: RMB 2799 (Php 20K) nets you the 4GB/64GB version of the device, while RMB 3299 (Php 23.5K) gets you the 6GB/64GB version. If you have the cash, you might want to opt for the highest end variant, which has 6GB/128GB of storage that will retail for RMB 3499 (Php 25K).

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