Xiaomi Redmi 9T VS Lenovo K12 Note

Xiaomi Redmi 9T VS Lenovo K12 Note

Xiaom Redmi 9T vs Lenovo K12 Note

Xiaom Redmi 9T vs Lenovo K12 Note

While the Redmi 9T is poised to be the new budget king for early 2021, Xiaomi’s latest offering will have to challenge other equally good offerings. One of these phones is Lenovo’s K12 Note–a feature-packed budget smartphone that marks Lenovo’s serious desire to be fighting strong in the smartphone market.

Let’s check out the Xiaomi Redmi 9T VS Lenovo K12 Note comparo below:


Without any question, both phones use plastic for their back panels. However, they approach things differently: the K12 Note opted for a typical glossy finish with the camera module placed on the middle, and a fingerprint scanner below it.

The Redmi 9T, on the other hand, goes for a textured, concentric finish with the rectangular camera module tucked in the top left, the fingerprint scanner relocated to the side, and a large Redmi branding embossed at the bottom part of the panel.


Both phones utilize a 6.5-inch IPS display with a waterdrop notch for the 8-megapixel selfie snapper. Aside from the Redmi 9T having a slightly larger 6.53-inch panel, it also gets a better Full HD+ resolution, along with Widevine L1 certification that lets you enjoy Netflix in Full HD. In addition, the Redmi 9T also gets stereo speakers.


Aside from the K12 Note’s slightly brighter aperture on the main rear camera and the addition of an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera on the Redmi 9T, both phones have virtually the same setups. We’re talking about a 48-megapixel main camera and two 2-megapixel cameras: one for macro shots and another for depth sensing.

As for software, both can shoot RAW photos, up to Full HD video resolution, and have manual controls for timelapse shooting. the K12 Note has a slight advantage with EIS and support for 60FPS video shooting.


Both phones are virtually the same as far as internals are concerned: Snapdragon 662, 4GB RAM, and 128GB storage–though the Redmi 9T offers a 64GB option. Given the near-identical internals, you’re expecting roughly the same performance.

For software, both phones have Android 10 out of the box, with the Redmi 9T using MIUI 12 and the K12 Note using stock Android.


While the Redmi 9T gets a bigger 6000mAh battery compared to K12 Note‘s 5000mAh cell, Lenovo’s offering has a slightly faster 20w charging, while the Redmi 9T‘s charging tops out at 18w.

Xiaom Redmi 9T vs Lenovo K12 Note specs sheet


The K12 Note is priced at Php 6,995, while the Redmi 9T is priced at Php 6,990 for the 64GB variant and Php 7,990 for the 128GB variant.

There you have it. Which one wins in this Xiaomi Redmi 9T VS Lenovo K12 Note comparo? Which phone would you rather get?

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