You Can’t Browse Some Websites with Old Android Phones Starting Next Year

by Duey Guison  November 9, 2020

Are you one of those who still uses an Android phone with Android 7.1 or older? Here’s some bad news: starting next year, those phones will not be able to browse some websites using Chrome because of an expiring security certificate.

The certificate in question is issued by Let’s Encrypt, a group that issues security certificates through a group called IdenTrust. The problem lies in the partnership, as it will expire on September 1, 2021, with no plans of renewing it. Because of this, some 30% of all web domains cannot be accessed because of the missing security certificate. Here’s what they said:

Some software that hasn’t been updated since 2016 (approximately when our root was accepted to many root programs) still doesn’t trust our root certificate, ISRG Root X1. Most notably, this includes versions of Android prior to 7.1.1. That means those older versions of Android will no longer trust certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt.

Until the partnership has been renewed, or Let’s Encrypt will continue cross-signing certificates after January 11, 2021, the best option for these phones is to download Firefox, which its own certificate store that includes the necessary certificates.


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