Apple Lessens iPhone 14 Plus Production Due To Weak Demand

Apple Lessens iPhone 14 Plus Production Due To Weak Demand

Just a little under a week ago, we released a piece on why the Apple iPhone 14 Plus might not be the one to get among the lineup. It appears that this general sentiment as reflected in the company’s sales, as Apple has reportedly cut production capacity for the iPhone 14 Plus. Here’s the scoop.

According to supply chain and industry sources, at least one assembly partner and two component suppliers were instructed to halt orders by up to 90%. That’s a whopping number that just goes to show the weak demand for the model, with actual sales figures falling far below forecasted numbers. The same sources were allegedly told to reallocate resources into the iPhone Pro models, which are seeing much success relative to their siblings.

This study by SellCell shows that the iPhone 14 Pro Max is the second slowest-depreciating Apple iPhone 14 model in China, at least within the first week/s of release. People really don’t see a point to the Plus model and would rather go vanilla or go Pro instead.

Our hypotheses regarding the reasons for poor sales numbers remain the same as our editorial piece. In essence, it’s the mediocre 60Hz display which removes immersiveness from its large size, the outdated giant notch, unfortunate resale value, and MSRP that’s a bit too close to the Pro models for comfort.

The Apple iPhone 14 Plus isn’t a bad phone in production by any means, but it doesn’t shine as brightly as its siblings that each have its own “defining trait” that seems to pull buyers in.


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