Battle of Prepaid Fiber: Globe Fiber VS Converge ICT

Battle of Prepaid Fiber: Globe Fiber VS Converge ICT

There are a lot of reasons to get prepaid fiber for your home. The most common is cost – being able to control how much you pay day-per-day and month-on-month for something as basic as the internet is a huge deal for families who need to make each peso count. The most important one (at least for us) is to test out how well the service of your choice works in the area you’re in, as well all know that Fiber service in the Philippines sometimes depends on where you are. As of press time, two providers offer prepaid Fiber internet: Globe Fiber and Converge ICT. Today we’re going to take a look at what both companies offer to the public via their prepaid offerings:

PROVIDER Converge ICT Surf2Sawa Globe GFiber Prepaid
Installation Fee Php 1,000 + Php 700
for 1 month of free internet
Php 1,499,
7-days of free internet
1-day internet Php 50
7-day internet Php 200 Php 299
15-day internet Php 380 Php 549
30-day internet Php 700 Php 999
1-year internet Php 9999

As you can see in the chart above, both Converge ICT Surf2Sawa and Globe GFiber Prepaid charge for installation, though Converge has a slightly lower asking price if you take the additional Php 700 out of the equation (since you’re getting 30 days of access for that).

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Globe asks for Php 1,499 for the installation fee, and the company throwing in 7 days of additional unli fiber for your trouble. Converge on the other hand only asks for Php 1,000 for the installation fee, and if you add Php 700 you’re getting 1 month of additional internet for free.

Globe GFiber

Let’s talk about speeds: because these are both prepaid plans, speeds don’t compare to what you get if you’re on post-paid. For Globe, you can expect speeds up to 30Mbps download speeds. It’s roughly the same for Converge – you can expect 25Mbps downstream, which is more than enough for basic internet, but if you stream a lot or download a lot of files for work, that may not be enough.

As for overall value though, we have to give it to Converge. They have cheaper 7-day, 15-day, and 30-day plans VS Globe, and they even have one-day sachet plans, unlike the competition. If you want to maximize what you get for every peso you spend, then it looks like Converge ICT’s Surf2Sawa prepaid plans are the way to go here.

There you go – in the prepaid fiber battle between Globe Fiber and Converge ICT, it seems like the latter is the winner, especially if you consider what you’re paying for.

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