Build Your Man Cave or Gaming Room With These Gadgets!

Build Your Man Cave or Gaming Room With These Gadgets!

Since you’re staying more at home lately, it’s a good idea to invest in your gaming set-up or man cave. Today we’ll go over several gadgets and tech that you might want to add to the list of items that you can add to your “work space”. All the items can be bought from Lazada and shipped to your home. Happy shopping! 🙂

PS4 PlayStation Icons Lights

Now P1,039 from P1,276 (20% OFF)

If you’re a PlayStation fan, this is a must-buy. It’s a great decorative piece in your room that will set the gaming mood. It’s also a nice conversation piece. Click here to shop it.

Xiaomi Yeelight (Mi LED Smart Bulb)

Now P939

Being able to change your lights is a big part of gaming room set-ups or man caves. If you want a cheaper alternative to Philips Hue Smart Lights, you might want to consider the Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulbs. You can control them via the Mi Home app. Click here to shop it.

Xiaomi Yeelight LED Smart Strip

Now P1,989

The secret to lighting up cabinets, tables, and backlighting for your gaming set-up! Click here to shop.

Raidmax Drakon Gaming Chair

Now P9,500

You can’t have a gaming room without a legit gaming chair. The Raidmax Dragon Gaming Chair might seem expensive but there are even more expensive ones like Secret Lab that sell for over P20,000. The super affordable ones at around P3,000 have a tendency of breaking easily or they use low quality leather. From our experience, the Raidmax Dragon Gaming Chair is the perfect balance of value, function and price. Comes in different colors too. Click here to shop it.

Recliner Leather Chair


Apart from your gaming chair, you might also want to invest in a recliner sofa type chair (mala Lazy Boy). This one is locally made in the Philippines and sells for a fraction of the price. Click here to shop.

Logitech G502 Hero High Performance Mouse

Now P5,500

Simply out, this is one of the best reviewed and critically acclaimed gaming mouse that you can buy today. Click here to shop.

JBL Quantum 200 Gaming Headset


Click here to shop it.
Click here to also look for other gaming headset options.

BOSE Companion 50 Desktop Sound System


This is pricey AF but personally I feel it’s the best desktop sound system you can buy today. It’s a good investment if you will use it often because it will last you a lot of years and the sound quality is mind blowingly awesome. Click here to shop it.

Gamer Art Posters or Prints


Metal gamer signages and posters FTW. Click here to shop.

And that’s it! We’ll add more to this in the coming days ahead. Happy shopping!

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