Canon Adds New PowerShot Model with Vlogging-Centric V10

Canon Adds New PowerShot Model with Vlogging-Centric V10

While Canon has been focused on strengthening its EOS R line, you’d probably be wondering if Canon has any development for its PowerShot line. The latest was the unusual, AI-powered PowerShot PICK that was announced in 2022. Since then, the PowerShot line has been focused on unique camera form factors like the monocular-like ZOOM–and that continues on in 2023 as Canon announces the PowerShot V10.

Part of a new line Canon is developing, the PowerShot V10 is built primarily for content creators who want more quality and versatility than what smartphone cameras have to offer–and without the complications with interchangeable lens cameras. Canon assures that the PowerShot V10 is straightforward to use for anyone–regardless of skill level.

At the core of the PowerShot V10 is a 20.9-megapixel 1-inch sensor that has a 19mm f/2.8 fixed focus lens that can focus as close as 0.05 meters. The sensor is capable of recording 4K video at 30FPS and Full HD video at 60FPS–though it only uses 13.1 megapixels because of the 16:9 aspect ratio. For photos, the PowerShot V10 shoots 15.2-megapixel images and only at 8-bit JPEG–there’s no option for RAW, which is understandable since this is an entry-level camera.

The PowerShot V10 does not have manual focus. Instead, you control autofocus on its 2-inch touchscreen or automatically by the camera itself. There’s no Dual Pixel AF here: you’re limited to One-Shot AF in stills, Movie Servo AF for videos, Face Tracking and Specified Frame AF. You do get up to 3x digital zoom–though it cannot be combined with Movie Digital IS.

You have a total of three microphones on the PowerShot V10, with the third mic dedicated to reducing background noise. It can connect wirelessly via Canon Connect and can be used for live-streaming video, sending the output directly to YouTube and Facebook. Its unique and compact form factor includes a large record button on the front and a built-in kickstand so that you can prop up the PowerShot V10 without a tripod–you still have a tripod socket if you prefer that approach.

The PowerShot V10 is priced at $430(~Php 24k), which is more affordable than any EOS M or EOS R camera–though it’s clear that it’s positioned as an entry-level offering. It will be available in June, though there’s no word yet when it will arrive in the Philippines.

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