Converge Crushes 2023 With Fast Download Speeds, Netflix Speed Index

Converge Crushes 2023 With Fast Download Speeds, Netflix Speed Index

Despite being younger than the competition, Converge ICT has managed to do what Globe couldn’t: unseat the Philippines’s top dog from its perch in Ookla’s Speedtest. And the accolades don’t stop coming: aside from the fastest download speeds in the country, Converge also managed to bag the top of Netflix’s Speed Index, the streaming company’s internal measurement of prime-time video streaming performance on a particular ISP.

“Converge continues to deliver the best streaming experience to its more than 2 million subscribers in 2023. We’re glad to be part of Filipinos’ holiday celebrations as families bonded over movies and tv shows during the Christmas break,” Converge chief executive and co-founder Dennis Anthony Uy said.

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“This year, our customers can look forward to the same high-quality, lossless, and seamless video experience they’ve come to expect from Converge. What most people don’t realize is that customers who have been with Converge since day one have been able to maximize and enjoy their content at the highest quality that Netflix offers, which is 4K Ultra HD viewing,” he added.

Converge has been sitting on the top of Netflix’s leaderboard for almost an entire year, clocking in an average speed of 3.25Mbps, higher than the average 2.8Mbps. This dovetails with Ookla’s Q3-Q4 2023 report, which seas Converge leading the company’s Video Score metric ahead of the competition.

Earlier this month Ookla announced that it was the fastest internet provider in the Philippines, based on their Speedtest Intelligence data for Q3-Q4. The report showed that Converge managed to get a blistering top download speed of 457.56 Mbps and top upload speeds of 448.15 Mbps, with an average speed score of 123.18 Mbps, ahead of their main competitors.

Raw speed isn’t the only thing Converge won in – the same report also shows that Converge beat its competitors when it comes to gaming, posting an 88.27 game score, ahead of PLDT and Globe.

Coincidentally, we also took a look at Steam’s internal speed measurement for the past 7 days, and it’s clear that Converge is catching up with the market leader. Less than half a Mbps separates them from PLDT, with both telcos far above the 60.7 Mbps average download speeds.

This is great news for gamers who want the best experience possible when it comes to fast downloads and when playing online. We’re personally using Converge as an ISP, and we can attest that its download speeds are a godsend when we have to download large, AAA games to our PCs to run tests and benchmarks. Their network also has almost zero lag or jitters when playing online, making it perfect for anyone obsessed with low latency during competitive games like Valorant and Counter-Strike 2.

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