Ever since the pandemic started, remote learning and working have proven that having a stable internet connection at home is essentially a human right. It’s the only way to remain connected to the rest of the world after all. However, it is true that decent Fiber plans have been relatively pricey in the last few years. Well, that changes with Converge Surf2Sawa: a primarily value-driven fiber internet service that aims to give you lots of bang for the buck. Here’s what it’s all about.

Usually, fiber service plans work like this: the Internet Service Provider (ISP) advertises a certain top speed, gives you free rein over how to use your internet, and just charges you at the end of the month. This lack of restriction usually leads to heavy use which they’re already expecting, so the flat rate for the charges are also high. But how about those who have fewer devices connected to the network? Or those who don’t use the internet as often, but require the speed on an “as-needed” basis?

This is the gap in the market that we believe Converge Surf2Sawa can cover. Its plans can be as short-term as one day to as long-term as a month. That’s actually still not very long. As seen on the site, the rates are also very accessible. You’re rewarded for availing of longer promos, with the 700 peso monthly fee averaging about PHP 23.33 pesos per day during an average 30-day month.

Those fees basically match what we’ve seen lately with cellular promos, which is a huge shocker. But maybe the hidden charges are in the set-up fee! Like Starlink! No they aren’t, as you’ll only need to shell out PHP 1,000 to set this all up. We’d say that’s the bargain of the century.

Before we get too caught up in this seemingly “too good to be true” deal, there are a few caveats we’d like to disclose. The first is something that’s made very clear: the devices that you can connect to the network are limited. This number doesn’t increase as you go up the price ladder either. It makes sense as they only really offer one internet service, just different lengths of subscription. The maximum number of devices is 6. If you live in a big household where everyone wants a slice of that bandwidth, then this may not be for you.

The following one is that there aren’t any mentions of speed to be seen around. It’s easy to say “Fiber” internet and leave it to the users to assume the speed of it, but technically, they aren’t liable to meet any standards when it comes to this. And believe us, we’ve seen our personal Fiber internet connections crawl to a halt on heavy traffic days. Sometimes, it’s even slower than DSL. Although, when it’s working well, it’s amazing.

Lastly, one look at their Facebook page says it all. Just like any other telco, they’re plagued by complaints of slow or inconsistent service. We’re inclined to give them more leeway since this business is a fresh competitor in the space, but it would be wise to bolster their infrastructure before people completely lose faith in what they can provide. Instead of scrambling to serve more service areas, it would be a wiser move to improve the quality in areas they already serve.

Anyway, we’re always up for a groundbreaking business model such as the one Converge Surf2Sawa provides here. And Converge, as a company, isn’t by any means inexperienced with all of this. We’re looking forward to how it’ll revolutionize the fiber internet space moving forward.






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  • noname , March 17, 2023

    The speed is just 25 mbps. That is slow. 700 may be cheap but the speed is a big let down. If it was 100 mbps then I would go for it.

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