Dell Commits To Fully Sustainable Product Operations

Dell Commits To Fully Sustainable Product Operations

The modern world today has seen more environmental impact than ever before. That’s why one’s carbon footprint is more important now than it’s ever been. With this in mind, Dell has committed to sustainable operations moving forward in the future.

As seen here, the company’s goal is to reach zero emissions by 2050. These circular economy goals promote a modular mindset wherein components can be replaced and switched out instead of disposing of the entire gadget altogether. Also, old parts can be recycled by being used for various purposes after its effective life.

As you can see here, Dell is implementing its sustainable practices across all facets of the business. These small moves from raw material sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, logistics, use, and recovery all add up to make a humongous impact – especially since the company’s operations are a worldwide endeavor.

Another undertaking is Concept Luna, which aims to maximize Dell product’s sustainable capabilities by reusing parts to the limit. This should significantly reduce carbon footprint and help the brand do its part in saving the planet.

Want to look into the numbers? Check these out.

Meanwhile, here is a more detailed recycling plan that envisions how the system will operate.

As of now, some Dell laptops are made of environmentally friendly and recycled materials.

“Dell continues to drive circular innovation in our product design, packaging, manufacturing, materials and services. We are expanding the use of low-carbon emissions aluminum to include more recycled content and extending this material to more of our portfolio, including the Latitude 9440, and Precision 5680, and to the Latitude 7000 series later this year,” said Anothai Wettayakorn, vice president, Asia Emerging Markets and South Asia Consumer and Small Business, Dell Technologies.

All these considered, it’s become clear that Dell is making an effort to become more sustainable in its operations and practices. Whether these ideas will come into operation is another topic entirely, but the future looks bright for this tech company.



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