ESGS 2022 Day 1: What Went Down

ESGS 2022 Day 1: What Went Down

ESGS is finally back in 2022, and things kicked off on Day 1 (October 28) at SMX convention center with a lot of booths, events, and other surprises at store.

We were there on Day 1 of ESGS 2022, and here’s what we saw that caught our attention:

Your favorite games–represented

ESGS 2022 is all about games, and a number of popular games are there in day 1. The biggest booth is Riot Games, which has dedicated experiential areas for popular titles League of Legends: Wild Rift and Valorant and a stage for competitive Wild Rift Tournaments. Popular RPGs like Genshin Impact, Ragnarok, and Tower of Fantasy also have their own booths as well, and the same goes for PUBG and Call of Duty–with the latter scoring points in our book as the most creative one at ESGS 2022.

Aside from having a booth that’s inspired by one of their maps, the Call of Duty booth has a freedom wall where participants can write anything about their thoughts and experience with the popular FPS title.


Gadgets and peripherals on sale.

In the mood for peripheral upgrades–or maybe some new lason? ESGS 2022 has an abundant number of booths that sell audio gear, pre-built and custom keyboards, and mice. They all cater to different budget ranges–whether you are looking for a sensible upgrade or want to go in with the smoothest typing keyboard ever, ESGS 2022 has you covered.

Aside from gadgets, major brands like Acer, ASUS, and MSI are also selling some of their laptops with discounted prices exclusive to ESGS 2022. Acer, for one, is offering as much as 50% off on select models!


Cosplayers galore

ESGS 2022 day 1 has a number of participants visiting the event dressed in their favorite video game character costumes that range from Wild Rift, Arcane Tower of Fantasy, Ragnarok Mobile, to Genshin Impact.

Iris and Roosevelt, winners for Day 1 of Community Costrip.


We also got to meet Iris and Roosevelt, who are among the winners of ESGS’ Community Costrip Day 1, for their outfits representing Genshin Impact‘s Yae Miko and Scaramouche.

Other popular streamers like Een Mercado and Kang Dupet also graced the event as League of Legends Star Guardian Ahri and Valorant‘s Sage respectively.


Tournaments galore!

Of course, ESGS 2022 is not complete without all of the tournaments happening in various booths like the Fighting Game Arena and Gaming Grounds. Both casual and competitive players get to enjoy playing their favorite titles both on the small screen and on the big stage.

Aside from players showcasing their best skills, prizes await those who emerge as champions in the tournaments being held at the event.


ESGS 2022 is ongoing at SMX Convention Center Pasay until October 30.


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