Globe SIM Registration Reminder Generates Mixed Reactions

Globe SIM Registration Reminder Generates Mixed Reactions

Despite Globe acknowledging that it used the Emergency Cellular Broadcast with permission from NDRMMC as a reminder people to comply with SIM Registration, not everyone is happy about receiving it.

Globe sent another Emergency Cellular Broadcast today (April 24) to all of its subscribers—and people are irritated about it.

Some aired their concerns on using the Emergency Cellular Broadcast by Globe, as this feature is normally used to issue alerts about natural disasters like earthquakes and typhoons—and that they don’t think SIM Registration falls under that category.

While some are irritated about the SIM registration reminder alert, there are some people that agree what what Globe is doing is necessary—especially since the total number of registered SIMs in the country has barely reached 50%.

One of the consequences of not registering will result in a deactivated SIM—which means users cannot use their SIM for calls, texts, or even browse the internet unless they try to have it reactivated within 5 days.

Globe, for their part, is apologizing to all of its subscribers that find the reminder for SIM Registration exaggerated or blown out of proportion.

“We apologize to our registered customers who have received the emergency alerts and expressed their irritation online. Globe sees the low registration numbers as needing urgent public service because the lack of mobile services is in itself an emergency, severely impacting daily life, from financial transactions and e-commerce to transport and education, among many others,” Globe Corporate Communications Officer Yoly Crisanto said.

As of April 22, Globe has logged over 35.8 million SIM registrations out of its 86.7 million subscribers, which translates to around 41.3% of their subscribers having registered their SIM.

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