OPPO Rolls Out AI Eraser to the Reno11 Series

OPPO Rolls Out AI Eraser to the Reno11 Series

OPPO is making its Reno11 series more powerful by rolling out its AI Eraser tool starting today (April 8) on the Reno11 Pro, Reno11, and Reno11 F. This feature makes the Reno11 series the first mid-range phones to offer generative AI editing, which is part of OPPO’s commitment to “enrich everyday experiences through technology for everyone.”


The new feature will allow users of the Reno11 series can easily remove objects from photos by simply circling them. Compared to other object removal tools in mid-range phones, the AI Eraser tool for the Reno11 Series uses advanced generative AI to create class-leading, seamless edits for the best-looking object removal possible.

How would AI Eraser work in the real world? Imagine you’re enjoying the vibrant colors of the Sinulog festival with your friends, capturing a joyful selfie. Suddenly, a tricycle passes by in the background, interrupting the perfect shot. With AI Eraser, you can easily highlight the tricycle and watch as AI seamlessly removes it, leaving behind a beautifully composed photo that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the moment.

AI Eraser will be made available to the Reno11 series via an OTA update.

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