How to be an Online Seller at Lazada

How to be an Online Seller at Lazada

Here at Unbox, we have been discussing the steep price hikes of flagship smartphones nowadays—a trend that the Galaxy Note 8 started, with an SRP of almost Php50K. Telco providers like Globe and Smart may have launched their Postpaid plans for the Note 8, but for the normal Filipino, both their offerings are still expensive.

While into the topic, I wrote about the gadgets you can buy for the price of an iPhone 8 (which is rumored to retail for around Php 60K. Yikes!). Then Carlo had this lightbulb moment: what if you just use that money for a business?

It made sense: Why not make that hard-earned money of yours grow instead? So with that in mind, I started checking out various E-Commerce sites, and studied how one can be an online seller with these platforms. To start things off, I researched about Lazada’s procedure for selling products online, and trust me, it is not that hard to be an online seller. Here’s a quick tutorial:

Register and Submit documents

To start things off, you will need to go to BIR and DTI to have a copy of your BIR Form 2307 (also known as Certificate of Registration), along with a DTI Business permit and DTI/SEC Business registration. Once you have those, you create a seller account at Lazada’s Seller Center. Just fill up the necessary blanks, and make sure you have soft copies of your COR and Business Permits ready, as you will be needing them. One quick heads up though: Before you can apply as a seller in Lazada, you should have at least 5 products that you can sell (ie. you have it in hand). Also, you should have your bank details ready as well.

Once you have applied, Lazada will review your application for one week and will either call you or send you an email once your account has been verified. From there, Lazada will tell you the next steps you need to do to be an online seller.

Attend trainings

Whether you are a seasoned seller or a neophyte, Lazada is more than willing to help anyone to improve their selling business. Sellers can start off their training through tutorials found at Lazada University: They cover various courses, from buyer-seller communication, taking good product photos, to managing orders. In addition to online tutorials, you can also sign up for personal coaching as well. Before being a seller in Lazada, it is important to undergo training so that you will not be clueless as you start your online selling business.

Sell away!

After completing the first two procedures (and have at least five items ready for selling) and have your online seller account verified, you can start off as a seller from Lazada. From here, you can start uploading items to your Seller Center Account, confirm your orders, and sign up for Lazada’s promo campaigns (they can help you increase your revenue!).

How do I get paid?

This is where your bank account is important: Lazada will pay you via bank transfer, and payment is made on a bi-weekly basis.

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