How to Check No Contact Apprehension Policy Violations

How to Check No Contact Apprehension Policy Violations

You heard about it on the news. The no contact apprehension policy (NCAP) is already in place in various cities in the Metro. This means that traffic apprehensions in these areas are now done using CCTV, digital cameras, and other similar gadgets. This short guide to check the different citie’s no contact apprehension policies will hopefully be able to guide you to find out if you have a violation or not.

How to Check No-contact Apprehension Policy Violations

So, whether you already have a notice of violation (NOV) or you just want to make sure, here’s a guide on how to check it online.

How to Check No Contact Apprehension Violations In The Philippines

  • Choose a city
  • Enter your plate number (if you don’t have an NOV yet)
  • Enter your violation number and your PIN number

Choose a city

As we mentioned before, only 4 cities in the National Capital Region (NCR) have the NCAP. Each has its own dedicated website:

Manila City:

Quezon City:

Paranaque City:

Valenzuela City:

Enter your plate number

All four websites have a section where you can enter your plate number. After typing the plate number and completing the captcha, the website will inform you whether you have a violation or not. Should you have any violations, you may refer to the next step for more details about the violation.

Enter your Violation Number and your PIN Number

Regardless of the city, a notice of violation (NOV) will be sent to the owner. This notice contains the violation number, along with the PIN, so you can access it online for further details. 

The NOV will be sent to your address reflected in the vehicle registration. It will be delivered through a process server of the City, registered mail, and/or private courier.

We hope that this guide helped you how to check if you have a no contact apprehension violation. Always remember to drive safe and avoid committing traffic violations. 

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  • Arnold Salacup , May 15, 2024

    How to see violation for contact apprehension in metro manila

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